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Students 10-14 years old compete for $10,000!

How to Create Scouting Videos for the 2020 N2K Championship

Dates for the 2020 Scouting Video submission process for the National Number Knockout will be announced in early June. To send a Scouting Video to National Number Knockout, students will have a teacher or a parent record them playing National Number Knockout for sixty seconds. Students will not play on the Classic Game Board (which contains the numerals one to thirty-six) in their Scouting Videos. Instead, students must use the game board and game variation, which will be announced on our website in February of 2020.

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All Scouting Videos must meet the following requirements:

  • The video must not be longer than ninety seconds.
  • The video must begin with an adult introducing the student by stating the student’s name and age.
  • The student must roll three dice in the video and immediately play the specified game variation for sixty seconds. The rolled dice must be shown in the video. Although not required, it is helpful to the judges to show the board after the student has played.
  • The video must end with the adult reading the following statement: “I, [adult’s name], grant National Number Knockout the right to use this video to promote N2K.”
  • The video must be uncut and unedited.
  • Students must state all problems clearly. Only clearly articulated problems will be counted by judges towards a student’s final score. Please double check your student’s submission for clarity before submitting it.
  • The video must not contain any element that infringes upon third-party property rights such as music or logos.
  • The video must be uploaded to our official competition website. Please note that we will no longer be uploading scouting videos to YouTube.
  • The link to the video must be submitted to N2K via an Airtable Form including the student’s name, date of birth, grade, type of school, and score achieved in Scouting Video.
  • All videos must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (EST) on February 23th, 2020.
2019 Scouting Board

2019 Scouting Board