Students 10-14 years old compete for $10,000!

Learn how to play Number Knockout! Below is everything you need to know to start playing with friends and family.

Two students playing National Number Knockout

2019 National Number Knockout Competition

Basic Game Play


Number Knockout is played on a six by six grid of numbers. The classic N2K board contains the numbers 1 to 36, but the board can contain any variation of 36 numbers. Three dice are rolled, and players must incorporate all three numbers to create solutions. Each solution must result in a number on the board, and must be created by employing a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, or powers. All three numbers must be used once, but cannot be used more than once. As students generate equations to solve for each number, they cross the number off the board. Students are given sixty seconds to generate as many equations as possible. Each number may only be knocked off once.

For more examples, watch our “How to Play” list on Youtube.

Essential Rules

  1. Number Knockout is a mental math game, so try to make your calculations in your head! Contenders may write their equations down, but their writing has no bearing on their score.
  2. Each round is 60 seconds.
  3. The clock starts immediately after the dice are rolled.
  4. Contenders must state the rolled numbers immediately after the dice are rolled.
  5. If more than one “1” is rolled the student is allowed an automatic re-roll.
  6. A power may be any number; you aren’t limited to using only the rolled numbers as your power.
  7. Only one power can be applied to each number, and powers cannot be applied to a combination of numbers.

For the complete rules, download the official Number Knockout: How to Play Guide.

2020 Scouting Board

2020 Scouting Board

Print off the Classic National Number Knockout Game Board