We are now accepting Scouting Video submissions!

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Video Submission Guidelines:
1. Must not be longer than ninety seconds.
2. Must begin with an adult introducing the student by stating the student’s name, age, and their home state.
3. Student must roll three dice in the video and immediately play the specified game variation for sixty seconds. Show the rolled numbers in the video.
4. Video must end with the adult reading the following statement: “I, [adult’s name], grant National Number Knockout the right to use this video to promote N2K”.
5. Video must be uncut and unedited.
6. Video must not contain any element that infringes upon third party property rights (such as music or logos).
7. Video must be uploaded to Youtube and listed as public on Youtube.
8. Video must be titled in the following manner: N2K 2017 First Last name State.

Once steps 1 – 8 are completed, you will need to complete our N2K Scouting Video Submission form using Typeform.com. Share your Scouting Video now!

2017 Scouting Video Board

*Rolls with double 2’s are not acceptable for Scouting Video submissions. 

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Meet the 2016 Finalists

Students 9-14 years old compete for $10,000! Champion’s teacher receives $2,000!

Congratulations to the 2016 National Number Knockout Champion, Sophia DiPiazza!


You can view the final four awards ceremony below!